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Where Comfort Meets Elegance.

Find the peace of mind, flexibility & comfort you need to explore Dubai's latest adventure -- a new work gig, a home in between leases, a new city, or travel fever -- from the ease & comfort of Our homes.

Rental Convenience Redefined


Focus on what matters.

Leave the stress of finding a new home, furnishing and connecting all the dots on us. Get your suitcase and move-in to our beautifully furnished & meticulously curated living spaces that are fully equipped from the moment you walk in.

+35,000 Guests Hosted.

Servicing thousands of flexible renters & +100 trusted companies


Alexandra, China

Warmly recommended the host and his apartment! Always open for communication, very helpful and friendly. Location is convenient, cozy. The best place for family holidays!


Adam, UK

Amazing location, clean, secure and great communication with host


Jan-Hendrik, Germany

Clean clean apartment with incredible views. People are always available to answer any questions. Check-in after consultation also possible later, everything worked out great! Really worth seeing the apartment gets a 10 out of 10 from me

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